The statewise status of activities for the implementation of ECBC


 Status of Activities

Name of States/UTs


Notification Issued

Rajasthan, Odisha,  Uttrakhand, Punjab, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and UT of Puducherry


Amended ECBC to suit their local and regional climatic condition

Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Maharashtra and West Bengal


In process of amendment

Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Tripura, Mizoram, Jharkhand, Goa and Madhya Pradesh

                    Empanelment/  re-empanelment of ESCOs for 2014-15

                   A.  Updated List of BEE Empanelled Energy Service Company (ESCOs) (April 2015) 

                   A. Contact Details 

                   B. Draft Letter of Request 

                  C. Information Requirement for ESCOs 

                  D. Advertisement 

                 E. Newspaper Advertisement 


ECBC Conformance Check Tools


The Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) was launched in May 2007 by the Hon'ble Minister of Power, and is presently in vogue on voluntary basis.

The ECBC sets minimum energy standards for new commercial buildings having a connected load of 100 kW or contract demand of 120 kVA. BEE is promoting the implementation of energy efficiency measures in existing buildings through Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) which provide an innovative business model through which the energy-saving potential in existing building can be captured and the risk faced by building owner can also be addressed.
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Building Energy Efficiency Tools:
Tool-1 :  ECOnirman Prescriptive
Tool-2 :  ECOnirman WBP 
Tool-3 :  ECObench

     Star rating scheme  for Hospital Buildings

Guidelines for  Energy Efficient  Multi storey Residential Buildings 

Brochure - Design Guidelines For Energy Efficient Multi-Storey Residential Buildings 

Full Document - Design Guidelines For Energy Efficient Multi-Storey Residential Buildings 

  Temporary extension of validity of ESCOs

List of ESCOs   (Updated on19th June 2014)
Application - ECBC Expert Professionals and Consultant Firms
List of architects empanelled with BEE
List of ECBC master Trainers-Updated (Jan,15)
List of Day use Office Buildings awarded Star Labels under BEE Star Labeling Scheme (updated on 11th September 2014)

List of BPO Buildings awarded Star Labels under BEE Star Labeling Scheme (updated on 11th September 2014)
 ECBC Conformance Check Tool


 Scheme for existing Shoppingmall Buildings - 15-02-2011
BEE Star Rating for existing Shoppingmall BuildingsBandwith
DirectorExtension of last date for submission of financial proposals satellite towns
Extension of last date for submission of financial proposals against request for proposal invited from Grade 3 and above BEE empanelled Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) for conducting energy audits in Government facilities within Satellite Towns. (New Town & Vasai Virar)
DirectorConduction of Energy Audits in Government facilities
Request for Proposal from Grade 3 and above BEE empanelled Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)
DirectorEnergy Service Companies empanelled by BEE - 21-10-2010
List of 89 ESCOs empanelled by Bureau of Energy Efficiency
DirectorBuildings found Eligible for issue of Star Label under BEE Office Star Labeling Scheme - 23-9-2010
DirectorOffice Memorandam II - ESCOs - 6-8-2010
Extension of Last Date for submission of proposals for re-empanelment and fresh empanelment of ESCOs
DirectorOffice Memorandum ESCOs - 10-8-2010
Provisional extension of accreditation of the first  35 ESCOs empanelled  with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, New Delhi
DirectorRe-empanelment & Fresh Empanelment of ESCOs - 15-7-2010
Methodology for Grading
Information Required(Template)
DirectorList of Newly Empanelled ESCOs - 2-3-2010
To meet the increased demand of ESCOs for taking up projects under new initiated pragrammes on MuDSM and AgDSM by BEE, an exercise for increasing the existing empanelment of ESCOs through an open invitation and subsequent accreditation process was taken up through CRISIL and ICRA. As a result of this accreditation process 45 ESCOs have been empanelled with BEE thereby increasing the existing list from 35 to 80
DirectorBuildings found Eligible for issue of Star Label under Bureaus Office Star Labeling Scheme - 3-2-2010
DirectorScheme for Star Rating for BPO Buildings - 13-1-2010
Calling BPOs!
DirectorScheme for Rating of BPO building - 1-1-2010
Scheme for Star Rating for BPO Buildings
DirectorScheme for office buildings - 12-11-2009
Scheme for BEE star rating for office buildingsBandwith
DirectorEnergy Management in Healthcare Facilities - 23-9-2009
DirectorEnergy Management in your School - 23-9-2009
DirectorEnergy Management in your Hotel - 23-9-2009
DirectorApplications are invited from Organizations for empanelment as Energy Service Company (ESCO) with BEE - 17-8-2009
Advertisement Application Format for listing as Energy Service Company (ESCO)
DirectorECBC user guide launched by Secretary (Power) on 22nd July 2009 - 23-7-2009
ECBC User Guide prepared under the USAID ECO III project
DirectorPresentations - 17-7-2009
National ECBC Awareness Programe - Presentations
DirectorAccredited Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) - 6-7-2009
Accredited Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)
DirectorAttention Office Building Owners - 3-7-2009
DirectorOffice Building - 3-7-2009
Scheme for BEE star rating for office buildingsBandwith
Label  ANNEX-I
NATIONAL ECBC AWARENESS PROGRAMME to spread awareness among architects, builders/developers and Facade consultants
DirectorList of ECBC Expert Architects - 3-3-2009
List of ECBC Expert Architects
DirectorNational Launch of Scheme for Star Labeling for Office Buildings - 25-2-2009
Scheme for BEE star rating for office buildingsBandwith
Label  ANNEX-I
DirectorEnergy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) - 31-12-2007
BEE Invites Expression of Interest (EoI) for hiring of Survey Agency for conducting Situation Analysis of commercial buildings in India

Energy Service companies

Definition of an ESCO (Energy Service Company) - A consultancy group engages in a performance based contract with a client firm to implement measures which reduce energy consumption and costs in a technically and financially viable manner.

Launch of Report on "Accredited ESCOs" on 24 November 2008 at New Delhi
ESCO : Report on "Accredited ESCOs" - updated
List of ESCOs shortlisted by BEE
Applications are invited from organizations for enlisting as Energy Service Company (ESCO) with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency
Application Form


List of ECO-III Publications

DirectorECBC User Guide
Energy Conservation Building Code(ECBC) User Guide helps users to easily understand the code and implement it effectively
DirectorEnergy Simulation Tip Sheet
This tip sheet helps in understanding the basic concepts and processes involved in carrying out building energy simulation which thereby enables the user to make the building more energy efficient by doing necessary modifications in the design before the building is constructed
DirectorData Center Energy Efficiency Tip Sheet
This tip sheet serves as a quick guide for users on what are the energy efficiency measures to be looked at in their Data Centers in order ro save energy
DirectorEnergy Assessment Guide for Buildings
This guide helps users with a systematic approach for saving energy in commercial buildings
DirectorArchitectural Curriculum Enhancement for Promoting Sustainable Built Environment in India
This paper evaluates the potential of curriculum enhancement in the design and construction industry targeting building design professionals
DirectorEnergy Efficiency in Hospitals- Best Practice Guide
This guide helps hospital owners and the facility team with best practices in energy efficiency implementation in their hospitals
DirectorTotal Commercial Floor Space Estimates for India
This research report gives the rough estimation of total commercial floor space in India
DirectorBuilding Envelope Tip Sheet
This tip sheet gives user a good understanding on better envelope design practices and steps needed to comply with Energy Conservation Building Code
DirectorBuilding Lighting Design Tip Sheet
This Tip sheet provides guidance towards the design of ECBC compliant lighting systems in commercial buildings
DirectorHVAC System Tip Sheet
This tip sheet acts as a primer on energy efficient HVAC systems and proven technologies and design concepts which can be used to comply with the HVAC provisions in Energy Conservation Building Code
DirectorPerformance Based Rating and Energy Performance Benchmarking for Commercial Buildings in India
This report suggests an alternative methodology for performance based star rating for commercial buildings in India based on regression and distribution analysis

BEE Invitation for Expression of Interest (EoI) for Engagement of architectural/consultancy firm for

1) Preparation of technical and financial feasibility study for 8 demonstration buildings in 5 climatic zones of the country

2) Preparation of preliminary design specifications- to comply with ECBC requirements

3) Preparation of tender documents thereon for the demonstration projects

4) Consultancy and monitoring services during construction of these demonstration projects. .

Posting Date : 27th Aug. 2012
Clarifications on the queries of various prospective bidders
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