The Standard & Labeling is one of the major work areas of the BEE. It teaches and guides consumers about energy savings products that how can they choose the electronics products like Airconditioners, Refrigerators, Television, Washing machine and other home appliances which are built according to the energy saving guidance and have proper BEE star ratings. By reading the detailed guide they can finalize their needs and requirements and then after they can choose the product which is environmentally friendly and use Less electricity to help consumers in saving on electricity.

Standards and Labels

It displays the Energy Performance Label on high energy consuming tools and home appliances.

Appliances Energy labels

Consumers can check the below given energy-efficient products guide to choose the right environmental friendly equipment for your Home and offices

  • Room Air Conditioners
  • Frost Free Refrigerators
  • Tubular Fluorescent Lamp guide
  • Direct Cool refrigerators buying guide
  • LCD/ LED/ FHD/ UHD TV Buying guide
  • Energy Efficient Electric Geysers buying guide
  • Inverter Air Conditioners energy efficiency guide
  • Best LED lamps for Indian homes
  • Induction Motors
  • Pump sets (Submersible pumps)
  • Ceiling fans
  • LPG Stove
  • Washing Machine power consumption guide
  • Computer/ Laptops
  • Office equipment guide

Training for Retailers-

To encourage consumers to choose energy efficient products BEE has started a new initiative to teach retailers on selecting the best possible products which are good in terms of disposing of harmful gasses (h2o) in the environment as well as which consume less energy and it has BEE Star Labelling to help consumers in understanding the energy efficiency of that product.

It has already organized many seminars and trained approx 2000 retailers in 6 metro cities of India including Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad